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What is Detailing?

Auto Detailing is a long-term investment

in the cleanliness and surface-integrity of your vehicle 

achieved in three parts

1. Clean 2. Correct 3. Coat







Removing unwanted substances from a surface


Contaminants come from the vehicles environment and compromise the soundness of the materials they contaminate 

Not all contaminants are created equal. The method of their safe-removal depends on the surface they infect 

Surface re-conditioning of light imperfection & damage 

There are a few common imperfections that naturally happen to the surfaces composing a vehicle, that are able to be restored through light correction 


Such as paint swirls & marring, oxidation (water spots),  

faded plastics, etc.

A sacrificial layer between your vehicle and the world 

Your car is constantly attacked by the outside world. Whether it is Dirt, Bugs, Acid Rain or UV Rays, protection is necessary to reduce their effects. This is your defense

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