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April Newsletter - Love & Happiness

Happy April Everyone! Thanks for tuning in to this months Newsletter!

This month we'll be discussing something a little closer to heart.

Why do we do what we do?

For me, there are two main reasons that come to mind. LOVE and HAPPINESS.

I'll explain....

Four years ago I was given a choice. Or maybe it would be better said, that I knew there was more than one path to be taken.

I was in my first year of college, pursuing a business degree. School was all that I knew, it was my comfort zone. I was on my way to what I believed, at the time, to be the right path. But there was something missing, something important. Looking back, I now know that the missing element was.


While I was comfortable, there was no inspiration, no real idea of what it was that I wanted.

At the time I did not know, for certain, what my other options were. But for some reason it didn't matter. I knew that if I was going to do something for the rest of my life, or at least a majority of it, I wanted to LOVE it. I believed that if I LOVED what I did for a life work, then maybe I could attain long-term HAPPINESS.

With that, my choice was made. While I did not know exactly what I would do, I chose the road that may lead to my HAPPINESS. I made up my mind to search for something that I was passionate about, and to use that as the foundation from which I would serve the world and my fellow humankind.

Today, much more is clear. It is clear that I LOVE my work. It is clear that through this passion, I have been able share this LOVE with those whom I serve. It is clear that through this LOVE, I have given away, to some degree, HAPPINESS. And I believe that the only way to be HAPPY is to first give it away.

I LOVE all of you. HAPPY Friday!

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