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February Newsletter - Winter Detailing

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Happy Sunday Everyone! Hope it’s been a great February...

Keeping our cars clean can be more of a challenge here in Colorado during the winter season.

With that said, it is just as important to keep up with as it is during the spring, summer and fall. How we tackle this issue at Mobile Auto Detail will be the topic of this newsletters discussion.

What are the challenges during the Winter months?

- Weather: The most obvious, but plays a critical role in how we detail year round

In Colorado our weather is extremely variable. It tends to go something like this -- Sunny and 50 degrees for five days of the week, then 12 inches of snow and 15 degrees for the next two days. We get snowed in, we dig ourselves out, the snow melts, everything gets muddy, then repeat.

- Snow & Mud: Great to play in, and always fun to clean up

Because of these weather patterns we are stuck in this cycle of either slipping in the snow or splashing through puddles. Covering our cars in mud and salt and tracking it inside the car as well.

So how does Mobile.AD address this challenge?

- Before & After Winter Details

Before and after each season, we apply our “foundational” layer of protection to get us through the next couple of months. A thorough cleaning followed by exterior and interior protective coatings. This provides our vehicle with a “sacrificial” layer between itself and the harsh conditions.

- Routine Maintenance

During the season our main objective is to reduce the accumulation of the snow, salt and mud. These contaminants quickly eat away the integrity of our paint, glass, plastics and wheels. Since our car has a solid foundation of protection, we can more easily maintain the vehicle. Each routine visit, removing any accumulated dirt and then adding thin layers on top of our foundational coating.

What questions do you guys have?

Leave a comment, send me a message, email, text, or dm us on any of our socials

Thanks for tuning into this month's newsletter!

Let’s make March a good one!

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