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January Newsletter - Ceramic Technology

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Happy Sunday Everyone,

Welcome to our First Monthly Newsletter!

January - Ceramic Technology

I started my detailing business, Mobile Auto Detail LLC, three years ago when I was 19. I performed my first paid detail with a vacuum, a few microfibers, quick interior detailer, waterless wash & wax and a bottle of tire shine.

Since then, I have been constantly looking for ways and means of improving the quality of my details. Taking each opportunity as it comes, almost always coming in the form of a new client's needs or requests. Through this process, I have found that as long as I was willing to accept these challenges and truly learn how to do it right, I would come out a better detailer and more capable of providing these services for other vehicles.

The reason I’ve chosen Ceramic as our first topic, is because of its diversity and importance to Mobile Auto Detail and other professional detailers.

Nowadays, ceramic products come in many forms, and are best known for their strength and durability. A true ceramic is a chemical combination of silicon dioxide (SiO2) and titanium dioxide (TiO2). There are many other “ceramic” products on the market that are made of silicone and teflon. While these do have similar attributes to SiO2 coatings, they are no match in performance and longevity.

Here’s how Mobile Auto Detail uses Ceramic Technology:

Liquid Coating

  • Come in 30ml & 50ml vials (~$50 - $200)

  • Provide the highest Performance and Durability (~2 - 10 years)

  • Always require thorough preparation (Decontamination & Polish)

Spray Coating

  • Posses the same characteristics of a liquid coat, but are not as durable (~6 - 24 months)

  • Almost entirely replace traditional waxes and synthetic polymer sealants

  • Easily used on any surface, Paint, Glass, Trim, Wheels, etc.

Top Coats

  • These are used to maintain a vehicle’s foundational ceramic coating (Liquid or Spray)

  • Used for our weekly, monthly and bi-monthly maintenance clients

  • Some are much better than others (we use Technicians Choice)

Interior SiO2

  • The highest durability interior protection technology

  • Applicable to Vinyl, Leather, Upholstery & other Fabric

  • Can be purchased in Liquid and Spray formats

We lov

What Questions or Comments do you guys have?

Message me here, by phone, e-mail, or any of our social platforms.

Thanks to everyone who tuned into this months newsletter!

Let’s make 2021 Great!

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