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March Newsletter - Spring Clean Up

Happy end of March everyone! Hopefully it's been a good one,

For anyone who didn't get to read January's newsletter,

I'm writing these monthly letters to share with you guys

some of the things I've learned to be practical in my world and my detailing business.

In hopes that you might benefit from them also...

Spring time is officially here and it is feeling more like it everyday.

Everything seems to speed up again from the slow of winter,

and is a beautiful and refreshing time of the year.

it becomes time for the "Spring Clean-Up".

Cleaning up what winter has left behind,

and preparing for the rest of spring and the summer.

In the detailing world,

it's time for a thorough cleaning,

followed-up by a thick protective barrier.

This makes our maintenance clean-ups easy.

So that we can spend less of time cleaning,

and more time out enjoying the beautiful weather.


Thanks so much for tuning into this months newsletter.

Have a great rest of your SPRING!

If we can help with your clean-up,

Please, give us a call or shoot over an e-mail

- Kurt

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